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The Book of Sweet Jaysus

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7th July 2009

10:20am: Cassandra Syndrome interview on Sonic Cathedral
For those not on cassyndrome , CS did an interview with Sonic Cathedral--they're a webzine that specializes in female-fronted metal.  We're really happy with it, particularly because it focuses a lot on our lyrical themes, touching on politics, being in the military, the environment, and even Paganism.

Also, as irenejericho pointed out in her journal, the article features shots of us from performances, so depending on your workplace they could be NSFW.  No nudity, but a lot of corsets and fishnet.  Fortunately for those looking to keep their retinas, Joe, Chris and I are not featured in any fishnet... ;)

Click here for the article.
Current Mood: excited

6th July 2009

8:09am: Quick Update
Had a great time playing at the Artomatic "Dark Electric Showcase II" last night.  Thanks so much to everyone that came out.  :)  Also, I must say, Red This Ever absolutely rocks live!  If you get the chance to catch one of their shows, I totally recommend it!

Now I just have to stay awake for work...
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22nd May 2009

3:58pm: Seven...

21st April 2009

7:26pm: This Saturday is Goth Night at the Brass Monkey in Baltimore

Awesome show this Saturday--White Shadow, Machines of Living Death and us.  And all for only $5 if you get your tix in advance!

26th February 2009

6:52pm: Goth Night at the Monkey!!!
We have a "Goth Night" show coming up next Saturday, March 7th at The Brass Monkey in Baltimore.  We're playing with one of our favorite bands, White Shadow as well as Bocksbeutel

Tix are $5 in advance, $7 at the door.  The show is 18+, cash bar.  Click the graphic to purchase tix and we'll ship them to you for FREE or hold them at the door, your choice. 

16th February 2009

12:36pm: Black Hole Rock Club this Saturday, February 21st
Saturday, Feb 21st at the Black Hole Rock Club in Baltimore featuring yours truly, Cassandra Syndrome, and also featuring Loving the Lie, Halflit Halo, and When Gotham Falls.

Tickets are $7 for 21+, $10 for 18-20 -- the Black Hole charges a $3 additional surcharge at the door.  If you are planning to attend, PLEASE purchase the tickets from our webpage.  If you pay the cover at the door, none of the proceeds go to the bands.  We'll even ship you the tickets for free, cause we're just cool like that.  ;)

You can find out more information about the Black Hole Rock club here...

And you can purchase tickets from Cassandra Syndrome on our Tour page right here...

Also, please feel free to plaster this all over the place, and whoever does the coolest plaster will be sent a free bumper sticker.

29th January 2009

7:43pm: Tickets Available - Feb 21st Show at the Black Hole Rock Club in B-more
Tickets are now available for our Saturday, Feb 21st Show at the Black Hole Rock Club in Baltimore, which is located at 216 German Hill Road, Baltimore, MD, 21222.  This is a very cool venue, and will also feature Loving the Lie, Halflit Halo, and When Gotham Falls.

Tickets are $7 for 21+, and for those that are 18+, tickets are technically $10, as the Black Hole charges a $3 additional surcharge at the door.  If you can, please purchase the tickets from our webpage, as if you pay the cover at the door, the venue takes all of the proceeds.  Also, we'll ship you the tickets for free, cause we're just cool like that.  ;)

You can find out more information about the Black Hole Rock club here...

and you can purchase tickets from Cassandra Syndrome on our tour page right here...

For those of you who can make it out, we'd really appreciate it, as this is a really good opportunity to establish ourselves in Baltimore, and the better the turnout, the more likely we'll get cooler places to play.  ;)  I'm sure we'll have a cool web flyer forthcoming, so keep an eye out for that soon.  Also, please feel free to plaster this all over the place, and whoever does the coolest plaster will be sent a free bumper sticker.

20th January 2009

10:16am: "Of Patriots and Tyrants" clips online...
After a lot of recording, and then having those recordings mixed and mastered by Tim Greencorn in Canada, we've got all the tracks back and Cassandra Syndrome's first album, "Of Patriots and Tyrants" will be ready for shipping in a couple more weeks (once the CD production place gets them back to us, that is).

We've just uploaded 'Skadi's Touch' from our new album onto our myspace page and our webpage, and you can play it or download it for free.  Additionally, we've got a streaming version of "None But Shadows" also available on our MySpace.

Check it out, and remember--the album is available for sale online now and will be available at our album release party at Brigid's Faire on Saturday, February 7th.

Want lyrics? Click here.


15th November 2008

1:05pm: Last show of the year tonight!!!
Come out and help Cassandra Syndrome celebrate the close of our 2008 show season at the Brass Monkey Saloon in Baltimore tonight! We've got a great set ready for you - Some of our classics, some new ones too, and we can't wait to see you there. We'll be sharing the stage with some other wonderful acts that you'll love to see: Left of Avalon, Slattern, and White Shadow.

Here's a flyer for you (Fans and Street Team, please help us circulate this!):

25th October 2008

3:05pm: I don't remember that...
Taking a fifteen minute break from reviewing/tweaking the mixes for the Cassandra Syndrome album and decided to look at some of the pictures from the Libra-Scorpio party that Katie took, and I honestly don't remember doing some of the things I'm pictured doing.  Must've been an evil twin or something...

Oh, and happy birthday to wlfdancer !!!

Current Mood: busy

11th October 2008

2:59pm: Show at Cookie's in Martinsburg, WV tonight!
We have a show in Martinsburg tonight, so come out and drink with us!  Woot!!!

Doors are at 8, first band goes on at 9.

Current Mood: excited

1st October 2008

10:17pm: In other news...
According to irenejericho , all the push-ups I've been doing lately has resulted in stretch marks on my pectorals.  Sweet!  I can now see the results!!!
Current Mood: amused

27th September 2008

10:08am: Just throwing it out there...
I was reading about the forthcoming "Terminator:Salvation" movie coming out recently, and that got me to thinking about how Skynet kicked the whole thing off by making various countries start firing nuclear missiles at each other.

And I thought that firing nuclear missiles all over the place didn't seem like a particularly logical thing for a computer system to choose to do.  I mean, there are more effective ways to bring down countries than blowing them up and potentially destroying or negatively impacting the infrastructure that the machines could rely on as well.  It seems like a rather irrational decision for a computer to make, or impatient, and wouldn't a computer system have tons of patience?

I think if this vast computer system decided to take out humanity, a good place to start would be to make sure an idiot got elected to leadership of the most powerful country in the free world.  Maybe cause problems in intelligence so that this idiot gets that country bogged down in an endless war.  It could also create sub-prime loans, to balance the economy rather precariously on the housing market, so that eventually the whole thing stumbles, causing economical problems world-wide...hmmmm.

Anywho, I just thought the concept of what was currently going on in the world being the beginnings of our war with the machines was an interesting concept, so I thought I'd throw it out there and see if anyone had any thoughts.  In other news, I can now comment from work, but I can't post, hence the lack of posts of late.  Sorry about that.  No worries, though, as I'm planning to start making time at home to do so, so I'll be back...heh heh.  ;)
Current Mood: curious

20th September 2008

9:55pm: Because I don't post that much anymore...
..a meme...


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27th August 2008

10:46am: Lillypalooza 2008
Well, I’m starting to feel a bit recovered from my weekend. ;) Lillypalooza this weekend was a blast, I must say. Got to the store around noon, setup and started running sound at 2pm. scorpionroseand I alternated at the board throughout the day until our set, which Cassandra Syndrome took the stage at roughly 9pm and we played until past 10pm, I think. Show went quite well, if I do say so myself…excellent energy between us and the audience, great stage banter, and we were all synched up and smooth, and all the transitions came off without a hitch. There’s something about really connecting with your bandmates, where it ceases to feel like you’re playing your part of the song, but rather you’re connecting into something greater, if that makes sense. Gods I love performing! :)
Anyhoo, you can check out some pics from the show by clicking on the picture, or by clicking right here…
In other news, I completed two new dirty mixes, specifically of PTSD and Cassandra, for our forthcoming album. So far we’ve got five songs nearing completion, with some minor tweaks, harmonies, or some backing vocals needed here and there before they’ll be ready to ship off to Tim Greencorn for mixing and mastering. I can’t wait, as even my dirty mixes are sounding awesome. Although, while singing along in the car this morning, I suddenly realized that I kinda sound like Ringo Starr when singing the word “bloody”. Hee hee… ;)

More show review is up in cassyndrome...

21st August 2008

2:48pm: Saturday, Saturday, Saturday!!!
This Saturday at Esoterica, there’ll be music all day from 2pm – 10pm, and the acts are listed in order of appearance. We’ll be taking the stage around 9pm, but we’ll be there all day if you just want to come hang out. ;) Hope to see you there!
Also, please feel free to cross post!

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18th August 2008

10:22am: Brass Monkey Show review...
Fun Cassandra Syndrome show at the Brass Monkey this past weekend. Irene’s got an excellent show review up at the cassyndrome community that you can check out by clicking right here

Highlights include excellent performances by the other two bands (Slattern and White Shadow) we played with, an awesome reception to our set by an audience composed entirely of people who’ve never seen us before (I think about half the audience bought CDs!), Irene had a “wardrobe malfunction”, and Chris was slightly electrified. To check out more pictures, click here or click on the pic…

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15th August 2008

1:30pm: Mixing Engineer? Check!
Last night I spent some time having preliminary talks with Tim Greencorn, a professional mixing engineer from Little Chicago Studios in Ottawa, about mixing the forthcoming Cassandra Syndrome album. Talks went very well, and Tim informed me that he’s in to do the mixes. Sweet! It’s all very exciting, I must say. Of course I did a fair amount of research, and Tim has an excellent reputation and has done some awesome sounding mixes, and has also worked with a few “label” artists that have had rotation on Sirius and XM. Very cool stuff, indeed!
I’m all hyper at work today, of course, and can’t wait to play the show at the Brass Monkey tomorrow night. I’m starting to wonder if the venues we play would take issue with the audience bringing hand drums. For some reason I find the idea of turning a bar into a giant drum circle at the end of ‘Wild’ supremely entertaining. ;)
Current Mood: excited

12th August 2008

9:06am: Saturday Show!!!

We've got a show this Saturday night at the Brass Monkey in Baltimore. ;) Added bonus is that we'll be joined on stage by Slattern and White Shadow, so it'll be three hard rock/metal bands fronted by women! Hope to see some familiar faces in the audience if you can make it, and some new faces would be great, too, as we don't get out the Baltimore way all that often. You can snag tickets at our webpage right here...

ETA: Feel free to repost, it'd be much appreciated!  :)
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24th July 2008

11:41am: Cassandra Syndrome at DC Midnight This Saturday

Come out and have an evening of dancing and music with us this Saturday, July 26th.  Directions and all that jazz can be found at http://www.dcmidnight.com .  DJs, cool gothic vendors, and free cake to boot!  We'll be taking the stage at 11pm.  Oh, and please feel free to post the graphic around!  :)
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14th July 2008

8:43am: It could just be me but...
...shouldn't these "Choose Civility" bumper stickers that I'm seeing on the backs of cars everywhere say "please" on them somewhere? 
Current Mood: amused

9th July 2008

9:00am: Compensation...

It could just be me, but I've been noticing that a lot of men seem to have these huge umbrellas they carry around nowadays.  Instead of the compact little pop-out umbrellas of the past, seemingly more convenient to carry around in my opinion, there seems to be a trend towards these things that look like they should be out by the pool covering a table rather than being carried one place to another by a single human being.  Maybe they're feeling insufficient elsewhere?

Current Mood: blah

27th June 2008

8:30am: That stuff you did meme...
Might as well…
The Challenge:
- Post 3 things you've done in your lifetime that you don't think anybody else on your friends list has done.
- See if anybody else responds with "I've done that."
- Have your friends cut & paste this into their journal to see what unique things they've done in their life.
  1. Slept on a bus bench in Palm Springs, then three nights at one end of LAX, before being propositioned to be paid to sleep with a junkie while some random guy at the airport watched. I said no. That was an interesting trip…
  2. Had my left forearm sliced open with a turkey carver. Watching your muscles twitch on the inside is kind of neat.
  3. Got second degree burns on my chest from scalding hot water while cleaning perm rods in my Mom’s beauty shop. Some day I’ll get the scar covered with a tattoo…
There was a bunch of other things I thought of, but I decided to go PG and avoid the sex stuff. According to the MPAA, violence is OK… ;)
Current Mood: apathetic

10th June 2008

12:51pm: Show Review
The Cassandra Syndrome show this past weekend at the Brass Monkey in Baltimore went pretty well, especially since it was our first time playing at the venue. irenejericho’s got a good review of the show up in the cassyndromecommunity. I have to plug their sound techs, as we threw them a pretty wicked curveball from what they’re used to, and they adapted and overcame quite admirably. That said, we’ll be making some tweaks to our live sound setup that should make things run a lot more smoothly when we play there again in August. That should be a fun show, as we’ll be playing with at least two other female-fronted heavy acts. :)
Probably the best reaction to the show was the one sound tech, who approached Chris and I immediately after the show and asked where Irene had gotten her vocal training (Jennifer Waters, btw), and that he thought she was the best soprano he’d ever heard. Not too shabby a compliment, particularly from a sound tech that sees tons of bands each week, I must say. :) I think some of TDP’s tweaks to get Irene to showcase her voice a bit more must be paying off. ;)
Now it’s back to the recording schedule until the next show at DC Midnight on July 26th, so hopefully we’ll be getting a lot accomplished with the album in the interim. My next project is getting a sub-woofer wired into my studio monitor setup.
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4th June 2008

1:03pm: If you haven't seen it somewhere else...
we've a show this upcoming Saturday at the Brass Monkey Saloon in Baltimore.  We'd love to see a nice crowd out there, as we haven't played out since February and we can't wait for everyone to hear the new sound!

Tix are $5 in advance, $7 at the door.  You can also buy them in advance here
Current Mood: excited
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